Bruce Hernandez Luthier



On this page is a selection of paragraphs aimed at bringing you closer to my daily activities : a rhythm, a mindset, an intimacy with wood, provide authenticity in this crafted. No more, no less. For the curious, here is a link were I reveal more pictures and more projects :


Blending my past and present experience with my current tastes and desires, I am developing a model of cello featuring curves designed base on a work of the famous Italian luthier from the XVIIIth century : Domenico Montagna. You are welcome to my workshop if you want to experience it unique sound.


For my cellos, I use a custom “mixed” varnish, that I produce myself from a base of raw high-quality cold-extracted linseed oil, natural lacquer-gum resin, and natural pigments that I extract from country rosewood.


The varnish and its components …Nothing is missing, the linoxyn is displayed in the above picture.